These are some things John Hendron has made.



A Manifesto Against Straight Rows. Written in September 2015, I wrote a little manifesto regarding the design of classrooms to support student-centered, deeper learning. It's a draft really of maybe something I will expand upon later.

Blogs. Both here on this website, and through work, I have had a presence online blogging about education and technology since 2003. My blogging started earlier with personal interests around food and music, in 1999. I later found blogging to be an easy and effective way to publish content online, and in 2005, I led an effort in Goochland to require all instructional staff to maintain a blog to both increase communication between the classroom and home, and also to serve as a positive model for the use of social media for students. Visit my VCU doctoral journey blog or my Goochland blog.

Senior Project Executive Summary. As an action research project in the second year of my doctoral program, I evaluated an instructional program at Goochland High School called the Senior Project, which was first implemented in 2001. This program evaluation collected data from teachers and and students and this summary presents the results of my findings.

Ubiquitous Computing in Schools. Published in August, 2014, this is the ebook adaptation of the dissertation in action completed with Angie Kim, Shawnya Tolliver, with Derrick Deloatch. We wanted other districts to benefit from our research into the best practices 5 different districts used to roll-out 1:1 computing initiatives.

Taking a Musical Debate Further. This was my first peer-reviewed article to be published in a journal. It appeared in the Spring, 1999 edition of the Philosophy of Music Education Review published by Indiana University.

Bach and the Harmonia Mundi. This is the closest thing I have to a master’s thesis. In addition to studying music education and conducting, I pursued graduate study in musicology while at CWRU.

Social Internet’s Impact on Educational Leadership. This paper written in November, 2011, was a class assignment in my VCU doctoral program. The course explored various traits of leadership.

iOS Device Best Practices and Tips. This whitepaper written in February, 2012, was later marketed by Jamf, Inc., the vendor who creates the Capser Mobile Device Management system.

Creating Video for Learning. This instructor’s guide leads others through a training scenario to show teachers how to use iPads to create video projects, with the aim of selling a new pedagogical technique. This was used by myself and others to lead training to teachers using iPads in January, 2012.

A Reflection on Leadership Presence. This paper was written in response to leadership issues that come about in the movie The King’s Speech. It was written for a doctoral class in Summer, 2012.

Evaluation Project Design. In this paper from VCU’s doctoral program, I propose a methodology for carrying out a program evaluation on a senior project experience.

Future Information: A Call for Using Folksonomy in Schools. This is an early draft of an article that later appeared in Learning and Leading with Technology, ISTE’s magazine for educators. Written in late 2007, I make the case for teaching students to tag content both to help organize digital assets but also to build a capacity for learning and summarizing.

John’s Leadership Story. In anticipation of creating a technical report for our capstone project, EDLP 717 at VCU had us present data on our own leadership through a “professional looking brief.” The linked PDF is my version, with real data points about my leadership in education.

Whitepaper on OS X Security. I wrote a guide on how to secure data using Mac OS X 10.3, from 2005.

Graphical Things


Visual identity for Goochland County Public Schools. When I came to Goochland, the schools and county both utilized the Goochland family crest as its visual symbol. This is not unique in Virginia, many counties have a “crest” design that it used for representing the entities tied to local government. In an effort to differentiate the schools from the county government with their own identity, I have created a series of logos that capitalize upon a red color and a capital “G.” In addition to the G, I have consistently applied Adobe’s Source Sans Pro font and ITC Mendoza as part of the school district’s identity. In addition to creating these logos, I created the Goochland Middle School Eagle mascot, division stationery, business cards, and a variety of special projects.

iPad Deployment Night Master Plan. Deploying iOS devices to families was a complex process in the fall of 2014, due to a number of steps involving parental involvement in the creation of Apple IDs for students. I devised this plan after several iterations prepared for elementary deployment for our staff, in addition to visiting Apple engineers.

Goochland Education Foundation Brochure. I created the marketing brochure for the GEF, a not-for-profit entity that helps provide financial support for school initiatives.

Strategic Plan Marketing Materials. All the materials together have a consistent visual language, through the use of the Adobe Source Sans Pro Bold font, used at a 15-degree tilt; a core collection of colors, and the “icons” representing various aspects of the strategic plan. In addition to designing a full bleed executive summary of the plan, I produced refrigerator magnets, t-shirts for staff, presentations, posters for the core values and vision and mission, and videos.

Goochland Instructional Newsletters. To date, I have produced five full color newsletters that are printed and distributed to community members. These newsletters go beyond the association with the name “newsletter,” and instead resemble professional catalogs or college alumni magazines. Articles are written by central office staff in Google Apps, then imported along with original photography using Adobe InDesign.

Who we are…. This poster was created in anticipation of our AdvancED visit in Goochland County to communicate our vision and mission.



Beyond this website, I have two properties that demonstrate my design work.

Virginia Society for Technology in Education. I created the custom templates for the VSTE website using HTML and CSS; these were then placed in Expression Engine, which is used by the executive director to maintain the content on the website. I created custom blogging templates for board members to be able to update content on the website.

Goochland County Public Schools. Since 2001, I have been the webmaster of the Goochland web properties, including two Moodle servers, a WordPress server, and the main web server which runs Expression Engine. Everything on the site has been custom created through templates using handcoded HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The site has completely been re-designed at least four times. I also develop the templates for each school’s website in the division. I am also responsible for upkeeping the content on the website. In addition, I manage the social media accounts of the division, mainly YouTube, Edmodo, Facebook, and Twitter.



Option B Movie and Option B Trailer. This project conducted with classmates at VCU was in response to a class assignment in ethics. We were asked to act out an ethical dilemma in class, but we took it upon ourselves to turn it into a movie. The video was collaboratively planned between us, and I shot the video then later edited the video in Final Cut Pro.

John’s Leadership Story. Produced as part of a project for a class on data visualization at VCU, this video captures a version of a live presentation I delivered in front of the class. We were tasked to present who we were as leaders using a variety of media to tell our story.

Ubiquitous Computing Recommendations - MERC Spring 2014. My colleagues and I presented these slides at the 2014 MERC conference in front of an audience of Richmond-area educators. This was based on preliminary findings from our doctoral capstone project.

A School Division with Direction. This video was produced as part of the media to communicate Goochland’s Strategic Plan in the February-March, 2014. The script was written by Dr. Stephen Geyer and me, and the narration was done by radio news personality, John Ogle. The video was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Digital Citizenship Tips for Parents. I produced these in Goochland for the benefit of parents using Apple Keynote and Screenflow.

iTunes U Podcasts. Since 2004, I have been podcasting for Goochland a series first audio, then video. With over 170 episodes, today they can be found through our iTunes U portal. The portal also has content from my colleagues in Goochland.

Lighting the Flame of Learning. Video edited and shot with staff in Goochland to promote our new Promethean interactive whiteboards in middle and high school classrooms.

Plans and Presentations


STEM Advisory Talk on the Role of 21st Century Skills These are slide presentations from a Winter 2012 address to Goochland’s STEM Advisory Council.

2011 Goochland Convocation Keynote. I delivered a keynote address to all staff members in Goochland in August, 2011.

G21 Framework. This is the instructional framework I designed that’s been in use since 2008 in Goochland. I meet at the start of each school year with each teacher to develop a project-based lesson that focuses on targeting multiple subject areas and a variety of twenty-first century skills. These projects drive best practices in technology integration.

Goochland Technology Plan. I have worked on a team through three complete writes of our district technology plan, beginning around 2001. With each iteration, I have been given more oversight into leading the effort. Our latest plan called for the pilot of 1:1 computing which we have begun ahead of schedule with the support of our superintendent and school board.

Goochland County Public Schools 2014-2020 Strategic Plan. I worked closely with our superintendent, two assistant superintendents, and a consultant with professional experience in developing ideas over an 18-month period to develop this plan. The creation of our plan involved many stakeholder groups, presentations to our board, and individual presentations of the plan to each school faculty.

Seven Learning Hacks. Presentation presented at the 2009 annual VSTE conference based on a professional development session conducted for all teachers in Goochland County, referencing Dr. John Medina’s Brain Rules book and constructivist learning.

Creating a Digital Portfolio. Presentation notes from 2005 on creating digital portfolios on line using a variety of tools.

Stealing Images with Google. A digital citizenship lesson for teachers on not utilizing Google Image Search with students. Newsletter created for staff in Goochland.