While almost all of my writing that relates to education and music is considered non-fiction, I started in 2015 to develop my voice in fiction as well. To me writing in words is not terribly different from writing music.

Peer-Reviewed and Published Content

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Other Professional Writing

Bach and the Harmonia Mundi. This is the closest thing I have to a master’s thesis. In addition to studying music education and conducting, I pursued graduate study in musicology while at CWRU.

Evaluation Project Design. In this paper from VCU’s doctoral program, I propose a methodology for carrying out a program evaluation on a senior project experience.

Future Information: A Call for Using Folksonomy in Schools. This is an early draft of an article that later appeared in Learning and Leading with Technology, ISTE’s magazine for educators. Written in late 2007, I make the case for teaching students to tag content both to help organize digital assets but also to build a capacity for learning and summarizing.

John’s Leadership Story. In anticipation of creating a technical report for our capstone project, EDLP 717 at VCU had us present data on our own leadership through a “professional looking brief.” The linked PDF is my version, with real data points about my leadership in education.

Senior Project Executive Summary. As an action research project in the second year of my doctoral program, I evaluated an instructional program at Goochland High School called the Senior Project, which was first implemented in 2001. This program evaluation collected data from teachers and and students and this summary presents the results of my findings.

Social Internet’s Impact on Educational Leadership. This paper written in November, 2011, was a class assignment in my VCU doctoral program. The course explored various traits of leadership.

VSTE Edge Newsletter. Beginning in 2006, I edited the VSTE Edge Newsletter for two years, which morphed eventually into the VSTE Edge Podcast. This was distributed to the 5,000 members of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education.

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