Preparing Videos for Canvas

As a course designer for the Canvas LMS, I want to be able to make videos of presentations I’ve created and post them into the course. I primarily use two tools to do this: Quicktime Player (Mac) and Screencast Pro from Telestream. Quicktime for some reason only exports the videos I make using the built-in […]

MacOS Permissions After File Sharing

I recently was experiencing some issues around file sharing on MacOS (Big Sur on one end, Monterrey on the other) that had me mucking about in the Sharing pane of System Preferences. When I connected to the Monterrey machine remotely through SMB in the Finder, I had no access to any of the folders in […]

How to perform advanced tasks in Microsoft Word

Topics Mail Merge Forms and Templates Recording Macros Using Footnotes and Endnotes Creating Bookmarks Tracking Changes and Comments Envelopes & Labels Creating a Table of Contents Mail Merge Mail merge is a function whereby you create a template of communication, such as a business letter, and replace the information therein with specifics such as name, […]


I am a detail oriented person. I recently read a colleague’s dissertation and before I could get to the details in the writing, all I could see where inconsistencies in the use of spaces and punctuation. For sure, it was a draft and some people work that way—getting their ideas down first and worrying about […]

Extracting Email Addresses

So email can be a pretty seamless tool for most of us to communicate with others; sitting at a computer, it’s easy to create a message, send it, and when received, to read. That’s not even worth saying. And I’m not here to make a commentary on how inefficient email can be in the workplace […]

The 2020 Symposium

For the past four years, I have organized an end-of-year “symposium” for teachers. This event has included a budget in excess of $10,000 and from 2017, 2018, and 2019, we included a second day of team building which included a trip to Busch Gardens, Segway Tours in Richmond, and white water rafting on the James. […]

The Lonely Lecture

Since schools closed due to COVID-19 in our area, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the creation of digital content for students. There are a couple of “new jobs” teachers are undertaking in the preparation of online materials. These are, I think: teacher as curator, and teacher as creator. Often times for […]

Apple Keynote

My colleagues and I have published a number of blog posts on using Apple Keynote—both on the Mac and on iPads. I’m really happy with the way they’ve turned out. We cover the following: Drawing Tools Sound and Audio Graphics Animation Using Keynote to Promote Higher Levels of Cognitive Engagement Using Slidedocs to support your […]

Domaine de Chantilly

Most people probably think of sweet, whipped cream when you hear the word “Chantilly.” (Or else, the town in northern Virginia.) It took my some time, really, to think about a movie I liked and to do a little research. I’ve been a fan of the 007-James Bond movies since I was a kid; it […]


This town plays no significance to what any of us may know or think of France. It’s so small that even French people—at least those whom I spoke to—shook their head. “Where is that? Ambronay?” The truth is that it’s located in Ain, seemingly halfway between Switzerland on one side and say, Mâcon, to the […]